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Life and Love

So many events happen in our lives that need that special approach or person to help lift your joy to the next level.

  • Weddings
  • Changes of relationship status
  • Pregnancy announcements
  • Commitment ceremonies
  • Renewal of wedding vows
  • Celebration of life (funerals)

Momentous Occasions

I often wonder why we don’t celebrate more.  Some of these occasions are only achieved through hard work and energy.  Let me help you make these memorable.

  • Bon Voyage ceremonies
  • Graduation
  • Property blessings/namings
  • Business launches
  • Book/CD launches
  • Special Birthday celebrations
  • Rites of passage

Celebrate Anything

I really love celebrating.  Once you meet me you will understand why. So why not celebrate these events in your life too!

  • Pet welcomes and farewells
  • Sports achievements
  • Boat/caravan namings and re-namings
  • Career transition launches
  • Naming ceremonies

Personalising the occasion for you


I am available to conduct ceremonies and celebrations seven days per week and happy to be involved in evening events. Many venues offer wonderfully cost-effective rates for week day events.

Theme Ceremonies

My role is to help you make your ceremony completely unique and personalised. Let’s talk themes!


I’m happy to offer coaching to help you and other members of your ceremony, overcome nerves and present vows, readings and speeches with confidence. This adds enormously to the success of your day and ensures that everybody involved feels comfortable and happy with their contribution.

Getting every aspect of your ceremony right

In addition to writing your ceremony, I can also offer help writing vows, speeches, personalised song lyrics, poems and eulogies.


Some of my favourite times are with my animals and I am happy to look at ways we can include your furry or feathered family members in your special event.

I write, you perform, ceremonies

it’s lovely to lead your own ceremony or have a close relative or friend play a significant role. I can write the ceremony for you and provide coaching so that you, or someone close to you, can present the ceremony (please note: for legal marriages, an authorised celebrant has to be involved, however, there are still lots of opportunities for other people to be involved).

Meet Joan

Authorised marriage celebrant, professional public speaker, published author and singer/songwriter. Here to offer personalised ceremonies and celebrations for all occasions.