About Joan

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of celebration.
Life offers many opportunities for celebration.

About me ...

For as long as I can remember I have celebrated life with gusto. My birthdays last a whole month (a day is way too short) and I am diligent in my commitment to Celebrate Everything that life has to offer.

Many years ago, some good friends asked me to prepare and perform a commitment ceremony for them. They were a same sex couple, so a legal marriage wasn’t an option for them at that time, however they wanted to declare their love to the world.  Well, to say I enjoyed the entire process was a massive understatement. As a writer, putting the ceremony together was just a glorious adventure.

The ceremony was a hit and suddenly I became the person that same sex couples came to for their ceremonies.

Developing personalised rituals was such a delight and the honour of sharing this momentous occasion was truly special.

Perhaps the most special ceremony I ever wrote was for my partner Philip and I. Naturally I didn’t lead the event, however I was involved in the creation of it and just thoroughly loved the whole process. Our ceremony was totally about us as individuals and as a couple. The time, the date, the moon phase, the wording, the celebration dance (with all the guests), everything.

The ceremony was totally about us as individuals...
... and as a couple.

 It really brought home to me how important personalisation is. 

I’ve also helped people welcome new pets, rename new boats (that’s such a special ceremony for we must appease King Neptune), energetically cleanse new houses and launch new businesses.

The most obvious next step was to become a marriage celebrant. I flew through the course work, creating ceremonies for all sorts of events with glorious creative abandon.

Arranging my own book launch was another epic moment in my life and now I’m full steam ahead with the CD launch for the band I’m in.

My suite of products looks vast and certainly my experience is very extensive however everything I do stems from love, from celebration, and from a deep understanding of the importance of marking the special events in our life.

In short ... I love ceremonies.

I love writing them, I love creating rituals, I love presenting them and most of all, I love working with people to make their moment special.

I look forward to meeting you, to discussing your celebration or event. Determining, with you, the very best way to progress and to playing whatever role is deemed, by you, to be important.


See you soon.